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Asset Exchange Strategies In The News!

As the leading Self Directed IRA advisory firm in the nation, and the recognized industry “knowledge leader” Asset Exchange Strategies is often in the news. Here are a small number of the articles and press releases that have been written about the organization. This page is also a great resource to learn about our company, to increase your knowledge concerning self directed IRAs and to discover what our clients are doing with their self directed retirement portfolios.

Asset Exchange Launches Franchise Network (AEFN)
Entrepreneurs and Established Businesses Owners Tap Into The AES Franchise Model

Forbes |The IRA Steps Out
With a “self-directed” account, your funds can seek out unconventional investments. IRA investors step-out to purchase Timberland and Real Estate Cashflows with their IRA-LLC.

Article makes mention of Asset Exchange Strategies, LLC and highlights a number of pitfalls investors who self direct their IRAs fall into including “self-dealing” without the support of a qualified Self Directed IRA Advisor, and when setting up IRA investment strategies outside of the stock market.

Business Week Online| Blaze Your Own IRA Trail
With a “self directed” account, your funds can seek out unconventional investments. Asset Exchange Strategies provided the IRA LLC for Mr. Geraghty.

Kiplinger’s | Invest Your IRA in Real Estate?
Success stories prove you can. But it’s not for the faint of heart.

Women’s Wall Street | Getting Real (Estate) With Your IRA
Whatever the reason, it may be time you for you start looking into investing your IRA (Individual Retirement Account) in real estate and other non-traditional IRA investments.

The Coastal News | How IRAs Buy Real Estate
A small but growing number of people are using their retirement funds to invest in commercial real estate in hopes of turning a bigger profit.

Realty Times | Commercial Real Estate Investing With Your IRA
A growing number of people are using their retirement funds to invest in commercial real estate in hopes of turning a bigger profit

Austin Business Journal | IRA Provides Nontraditional Way to Invest in Real Estate
A growing number of investors are learning they can invest in real estate and other nontraditional assets using their IRAs. This option is ideal for individuals who do not have cash on hand to invest or who simply want to diversify their portfolios. Read the whole story!

MSN Money | Invest Your IRA in Real Estate?
Almost without fail, experts say it’s a really risky move to sink your retirement IRA into a rental or land. But some are doing it — and doing well at it. Asset Exchange Strategies, LLC was originally featured in this article in the March 2005 issue of Kiplinger’s Magazine Personal Finance Magazine and it was so popular the article was re-released in July on MSN Money online and Kiplinger’s 2005 Fall Retirement Guide. Checkout the reference to

Realty Times | Buying Foreign Properties with Your IRA
Again another great mention for Asset Exchange Strategies, LLC by Phoebe Chongchua from Realty Times… Foreign investing is a huge draw for many, but did you know that a self-directed IRA can purchase your desired property?

On Wall Street | Outside Protection
It’s possible if your wealthy clients use an outside custodian. Here’s how to make the most of self-directed investment accounts.

Texas Realtor Association | Put Some Real Estate In Your IRA
Take charge of your nest egg by investing in real estate through a self-directed IRA.

CPA Wealth Provider | Moving Away From Traditional Advisors
Most people would agree that the performance of the stock market in the past five years has been disappointing at best. As a result, a growing number of investors are taking matters into their own hands. The most common direction many are considering, if not already embarking on, is “self-directed retirement accounts,” or investing in non-traditional assets, like real estate, businesses, notes, etc., with their IRAs. Download PDF