Checkbook Control

by Self Directed IRA Advisors

Just like our established clientele, we know you want the following that is provided through the-

CheckBook Control IRA, LLC:

* Absolute Checkbook Control of your IRA assets: You can write checks from your IRA with custodial-free ease.
* Investment Decision Control of Your IRA funds: You can be CEO of your financial portfolio. Get approval for your investment through a requirement-free process!
* Asset Protection through the IRA, LLC: Your retirement is safeguarded from Creditors and Litigators with Comprehensive Asset Protection.
* Most Minimal Custodial Costs Offered: A once a year custodial fee will keep your wallet

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full and will insure you are not spending your retirement years counting pennies, but counting memories.
* The Most Overall Value Across the Board: You get all of the above, plus investment strategies and products that are all included.

Contact Asset Exchange Group, LLC and learn how to set up a checkbook IRA LLC in order to purchase real estate or alternative non-traditional assets.

Is your Custodian making you count the shingles on the roof, while investors with checkbook control are writing checks for your great real estate deals?
of a Self-Directed IRA is a skill you can easily learn, and checkbook control isn’t something to be feared, but instead a measure of control that the investor should relish.

The Self-Directed IRA is a great choice for most people for retirement savings, and provides many options not available in other IRA’s. Among the benefits of the Self-Directed IRA are checkbook control, and the ability to have real estate in IRA holdings.

Checkbook control means that you can actually write checks against the funds in your IRA, and draw against IRA real estate assets. This can be a double-edged sword, and means that you should do your homework regarding what is, and is not allowed. Preferably when setting up an IRA LLC or any other Self -Directed IRA, you’ll find a company that provides good advice and guidance to help you stay within the rules, and help you avoid possible penalties.

To find out what the rules are and avoid breaking them an investor can read IRS publication 590, and the laws and amendments added by the Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 and the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 – the latter being

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the piece of legislation that created the Roth IRA. Most people would rather not take the time and do not have the legal training to comprehend the dense language Congress uses when writing laws. They simply want a self-directed IRA that allows checkbook control and having real estate in IRA holdings. A good IRA management assistance company

can assist you in the management of your IRA real estate holdings and the Self-Directed IRA itself. They can provide a wealth of information to keep you in compliance with IRA rules and regulations, while still allowing you to have checkbook control.

Self Directed IRA Rules for Checkbook Control

* Keep in mind that if you have IRA real estate assets, they cannot include property which you are gaining financial advantage from now. IRA’s enjoy a tax-advantaged status, and for that reason follow rules that are different from other forms of investment. These rules have at times discouraged investors. Some investors have feared that a Self-Directed IRA would be too time consuming and that the possibility of messing up and breaking a rule, thereby incurring a penalty, was too great. Keep in mind though that an IRA, even a Self-Directed IRA, really isn’t rocket science. The management of a Self-Directed IRA is a skill you can easily learn, and checkbook control isn’t something to be feared, but instead a measure of control that the investor should relish.

“…checkbook control
allows you flexibility in spending the funds, as long as you follow the rules the IRS has laid out. This allows you greater control over your own assets, and more control over your own destiny.

* Concerning your IRA real estate, keep in mind that it cannot include the house you live in. It also cannot include a house that an immediate family member lives in, nor can the IRA real estate participate in a time share arrangement. The IRA real estate, as part of your IRA portfolio must collect funds that go towards retirement. So a piece of rental property can be purchased with Self-Directed IRA funds, and be part of the Self-Directed IRA with the rents that it collects remaining a part of the Self-Directed IRA. This will, over time, allow your investment to gain value through rents collected, through paying off the real estate itself, and through increased value of the real estate, through improvements you may make to the property and naturally rising real estate values. Yet because this is real estate in IRA holdings the financial gains are tax deferred. If within a Roth IRA taxes are never paid on the earnings because a Roth IRA holds no tax liability after the initial taxes are paid on it prior to investment in a Self-Directed IRA.

Having checkbook control allows you flexibility in spending the funds, as long as you follow the rules the IRS has laid out. This allows you greater control over your own assets, and more control over your own destiny. The beautiful thing about Self-Directed IRA’s is that you can have as much or as little control over the account as you wish.

Getting checkbook control of your Self-Directed IRA is easy to accomplish with the right partner. Consider Asset Exchange Group LLC for that partnership. This quality company can provide six months of individualized “hand holding” after your checkbook control IRA LLC has been set up for you, and after the initial six month period is over they are still available by phone. The integrity of your Self-Directed IRA is as important to them as it is to you.

We can help you today. Feel free to pick up the phone and call us at (866)-683-5228 (Toll Free!) or visit our contact page and request IRA Real Estate information to be delivered to your e-mail Inbox.

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