Keep Your Investment in Real Estate – IRA Rollover Rules

Keep Your Investment in Real Estate – IRA Rollover Rules

Real estate ira rolloverDue to the new trend of jobs today, there are instances that you would want to try new job opportunities. Others may just be unlucky enough to be terminated but in most cases, people leave their jobs because of retirement purposes. Well, no matter what reasons there are for leaving your current employment, at some point you just have to. Planning your own future gives you an astonishing achievement which might not be felt at first but it would be encountered in the long run.


When starting a job, most employees are required to contribute part of their income to a retirement plan. This

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may be used for future investments such as precious metals, stocks, bonds, mutual funds or real estate IRA. Rollover is done if you switch to a new employer but this is not usually done when you retire. Your funds in the previous retirement plan would then be transferred with the help of your current account custodian who administered your retirement account. The new custodian would receive your funds and would continue from then on.


Certain IRA rollover rules must be followed accordingly to avoid tax penalties. Considering some types of investments like real estate, IRA rollover processes must be learned carefully. IRA rollover rules differ on the options that are available. You may consider taking cash distribution, a direct or indirect rollover. These are briefly explained respectively:


  • When you take cash distribution, it is paid to you in the form of a check. Bear in mind that these distributions are subject to both federal and state income taxes. For employers, they are required to withhold 20% of the distribution check as this would be used as a prepayment for the estimated taxes. As the general rule in retirement plans, a 10% tax penalty is applied if early withdrawals or distributions are made before the retirement age (59 ½ years old).


  • No matter what investment you have, precious metals or real estate, IRA rollover requires you or your previous account custodian to deposit your funds into the new retirement plan including the 20% withholding tax. This must be done within 60 days as tax penalties would also be applied if it takes longer. If this is not done, the application of penalties mandated by the IRS or Internal Revenue Service would also be possible.


  • For direct rollover, IRA rollover rules must be followed as well. With this, you may give the authority to your employers to pay your new account custodian directly. This is also called a trustee-to-trustee transfer. The good thing about this is that there are no tax penalties and withholding taxes applied to your account. Your retirement account would then be continued and would still be tax-deferred. For you not to lose any of your investment funds like real estate, IRA rollover done directly is the most ideal way to avoid possible tax liabilities as well as penalties.

Check book IRA may also be considered when you quit your employment as you would be able to take full control of your IRA. This process would be easier since there is no need for you to make payments to your account custodian and wait for their approval of your investment choice. With check book IRA, you would have a wide variety of investment choices like Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies and as stated, Residential Real estate. IRA rollover may be the answer to your dilemma or you may make a step further towards your IRA.

Real estate ira rollover

Real estate ira rollover

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