Self Directed 401k | Real Estate IRA

How You Benefit With a Self Directed IRA Plan

AES self-directed Real Estate IRA provides an investment platform where you can manage your own retirement investments with the same flexibility and control as you manage other investment.

Checkbook Control
Provides you with ready cash and on the spot purchase power for time-sensitive investments like foreclosures and tax liens – no waiting on the custodial paperwork process. Now you can take advantage of profitable investment opportunities!

Low Fees
AES custodial relationships offer minimal annual fees. In addition there are no transactional, asset-based and additional holding fees. This will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars per year!

More Investment Options
Use your retirement funds to invest in a variety of real estate options, plus more. You can truly diversify your investment portfolio, with one retirement account structure.

Service & Support to Succeed
AES clients are individuals who have chosen to take control of their hard earned retirement savings to achieve their dream of business ownership and retirement growth.

We will ensure that you receive the support you need to invest confidently. Our self-directed IRA plans include time with our team of professionals including our experienced Advisors, specialized attorney and CPA.