Real estate IRA LLC

Real Estate IRA LLC

Real Estate IRA LLC - investing in rental properties

Advantages of

Real estate IRA LLC

The best combination for your IRA is to invest it on a Limited Liability Company (LLC), then use the LLC to make the investments in real estate. Having a real estate IRA LLC will give you advantages of asset protection, save on certain custodial costs, and the opportunity to profit on time-sensitive investments. A few advantages of real estate investing is diversification, also serves as a hedge to inflation, and control over the performance of the real estate investment.

With a real estate IRA LLC you will be able to invest in both traditional and non-traditional investment options. This will lead to diversification. Diversification is adding another asset to your portfolio that has an effect of either minimizing risk for a given level of return or increasing returns for a given level of risk. Real estate returns have low correlations with returns on stocks, bonds and mutual funds which adds diversification to your IRA portfolio.

Real estate IRA LLC – Income generating investments

Real estate IRA LLC – rental properties

When invested in rental properties, you will often structure rent which is directly linked with inflation. Rent charged to tenants will increase when the level of inflation increases. In general, when inflation sets in, prices of materials used for development of real estate increases, which would also result to appreciation on the price of your real estate investment. It is more often observed that the appreciation of prices of real estate is greater than the increase in the level of inflation; this is due to the limited supply and the increasing demand.

Real estate IRA – Flipping properties

If you are into flipping properties or rental properties, the control you have over the returns you can get on your real estate investment is a great advantage. Because of the tangible characteristic of real estate investments, you are able to make developments or repairs to increase the returns you get from your real estate investment. Flipping properties

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repair it, and then sell it for a higher price. For rental properties, you could develop your property so that you would be able to look for higher quality tenants and charge higher rent to them.

Real estate IRA LLC – Things to remember

Always remember that benefits and rules on your IRA also apply to your real estate IRA LLC. You will still have to make sure that you don’t get into prohibited transactions and that income generated by your real estate investment should flow back to the real estate IRA LLC and expenses incurred should be paid for by the IRA. Failure to comply with these could result to disqualification of the IRA or would correspond to penalties and tax liabilities. would be of good help in setting up your real estate IRA LLC and provide ongoing knowledge, experience and ongoing support for you to reach your retirement goals!

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