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Revenue Growth Through Appreciation

This chart shows the increase of $96,050 in value of the real estate over 10-years. Real estate does not appreciate in all areas of the country at the same rate, nor does it appreciate at a constant rate of 4%. This is an example only and reflects the national average over long periods of time.

This example illustrates the growth of money within your IRA while it is invested in a single-family home that is valued at $200,000. This example tracks the growth of money in a Self-Directed IRA over a 10-year period.

Year Beginning
Home Value
Assumed 4%
Home Value
1 $200,000 $8,000 $208,000
2 $208,000 $8,320 $216,320
3 $216,320 $8,653 $224,973
4 $224,973 $8,999 $233,972
5 $233,972 $9,359 $243.331
6 $243,331 $9,733 $253,064
7 $253,064 $10,123 $263,187
8 $263,187 $10,527 $273,714
9 $273,714 $10,949 $284,663
10 $284,663 $11,387 $296,050

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