Your Real Estate IRA


Real estate IRA: oreo cookies and milk

Real estate and IRA go together like Oreo cookies and milk

Real estate IRA – Complementary

It is like Oreo cookies and milk, like cars and fuel, like toothpaste and toothbrush; real estate investments and your IRA are good complements. Real estate is a really great addition to your IRA investments. It is a good idea to add real estate to your IRA which is usually composed of only stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. It will be able to add to your portfolio’s diversity that may result to lower risks. Returns on Real estate generally have low correlation with returns on financial securities. This means that when the returns on the stock market are low or negative, this may be offset or surpassed by the returns on your real estate investments. Real estate also offers other avenue for profit. You may be interested in flipping properties, renting out properties and/or just preparing your retirement property which you will enjoy when you retire.

Profit with your real estate IRA

Flipping properties may involve buying real estate at a low price then selling it for a quick profit. This often is practiced in occasions where the market for real estate is rising. It may also involve the purchase of a real estate property fixing or renovating it, then selling it for a relatively higher price.

You also have the opportunity to invest in rental properties. It could provide a stream of returns for your real estate IRA which is tax-deferred. This increases the growth potential of your real estate IRA. You could also decide to purchase a retirement home for you today, rent it out, and then occupy it upon reaching retirement. This would be a good idea knowing that real estate could be used to hedge inflation. Always follow rules on real estate IRA so

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Your dreams together with AES Real Estate IRA 

It is your future and retirement dreams at stake when we talk about your real estate IRA. You must exercise due diligence and care with regards to your investments. You would also need to consider the rules and limitations set for IRAs. It would not hurt to consult or ask the advice of experts to help you with your real estate IRA.

At Asset Exchange Securities (AES) they can help you rollover your traditional IRA to a self-directed IRA. They could also set up a Limited Liability Company (LLC) with checkbook control for your real estate IRA for accessibility and true control of your IRA. AES will help you succeed in your IRA and help you fulfill your retirement dreams. For more information on your Real Estate IRA, you may visit Asset Exchange Strategies.

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